Residency at La Villa San Michele, Capri

The residency took place from 2nd to 13th of February, 2012. The stay was punctuated with day meetings and night meetings. Each participant could run a session : presentation of their works, discussion, performance, etc. Every evening, we gathered around a dinner served at La Foresteria.

Saturday, February 4

A Constructed World with Adva Zakai and Aurèle Duda

Sunday, February 5
It's quite nice to come at night, by Alex Cecchetti and Mark Geffriaud

Monday, February 6

A visit of La vila Malaparte led by Jochen Dehn

Tuesday, February 7

Pot au feu cooked by Géraldine Longueville and remarks on opening and closing led by Jochen Dehn

Wednesday, February 8

Meeting in the Library by Adva Zakai, with, among others, a text of Bob Black

And L'Ambassadeur, a sound performance by Per Hüttner with Aurèle Duda and Åbäke.

Thursday, February 9


" Hello everybody,
Here is the list of the characters if you wish to make use of

The Fürher
The Utterer
The Eel
The Fatherfucker
Michel Piccoli a.k.a. le colonel Moutarde
The Twin
The third twin
Grotto's voice
The non-westerner
Le non-invité (the one who would not leave either)
La Sphinx
The lunatic prompter
Salvio the mirror girl
The ignorant
The moon cook
La Méprise

Maki, Kajsa and Luna "

Seulgi Lee

Thursday, February 9

A banquet and a publication run by Fabien Vallos. A choir made up of A Constructed World, Aurélie Godard, Seul Gi Lee and Aurèle Duda

Friday, February 10

Aurélie Godard making sculptures for each one of the residents

Seulgi Lee

Mark Geffriaud was in Pompéi

Saturday, February 11

The Entremet songs, a compilation by Aurélie Godard

Characters and drawing by Abäke