The box

The box was made in 2012 by Aurélie Godard. Called La chaise de Troie and made on oak, beech and pine laminated wood, it contains several art pieces to be interpreted. Each one of them are ingredients which address to a future user :

- Åbäke, Caligula aurait rougi, 2012, enameled ceramics, 13x13,5x14cm
- Åbäke, La bête, 2012, pen drawing, 30x42cm
- A Constructed World, How is it that hair can run?, 2012, synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 46x55cm
- Alex Cecchetti, Song of solitude, 2012, silkscreened book, decoy bird, no instruction, variable dim.
- Jochen Dehn, Total Osmosis, 2012, engraved text on wood
- Jochen Dehn, Invitation Universelle, 2012, engraved text on wood
- Aurèle Duda, Carnet de bouche, 2012, embroidery on canvas,  50x150cm
- Mark Geffriaud, Projectile, 2012,  wood, variable dim.
-  Per Hüttner, L'Ambassadeur, 2012, diving mask, snorkel, documents, variable dim.
- Seulgi Lee, Anguille, 2012, engraved wood, fork, black lead, varnish, 178x3cm
- Fabien Vallos, Pour l'Entremet, etc, 2012, unique book, 11,5x17, 5cm
- Fabien Vallos, Pour l'Entremet, etc, 2012, silkscreen on paper num. 81/81, 42x21cm
- Adva Zakai, Come together, 2012, dices silkscreened, 10x10x10cm